Friday, December 17, 2010

A mega-battle I won't be attending...

So I read something on a local game shoppe forum and had something to say about it. But I didn't want to say it on that forum, because I fear confrontation. Strange that I like WAR games, but fear confrontation....

Anyway, I then realized that I had a blog and it was time for my yearly post.

What I found on the forum was that they were going to have a Warhammer Mega-Battle. I don't go in for tournaments, but this sounded kind of fun. So I read the rules, and this one pretty much locked-in my non-participation:

"“What You See Is What You Get” is mandatory—models must reflect what you have paid for. They do NOT have to be painted, but must be assembled. All models must be Citadel Miniatures or Forge World; conversions MUST include a majority of CM or FW components. Illegal models WILL be removed from the table. "

Two things. A mega-battle with a bunch of un-painted models would look like crap. So if they don't care if the models are unpainted, why do they give shit if they are GW models? Just nuts.

My WFB armies are pretty much all GW, but I have some other stuff in them that I think is cool. But, I try to always have Painted Minis when I play. Especially in a big public thing.

Oh, well. Rant over. I'll blog again.....sometime.

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  1. I just followed your blog to say "Solidarity, brother!" From one middle-aged American to another.

    I'm giving up on GW and selling off all my WFB and 40K stuff. I'm keeping my LotR, because I'm a Tolkien zealot and I really like the WotR rules. WFB got me back into gaming 10 years ago after decades away since I discovered beer and girls in college. Then came career and family. But now I'm tired of their price hikes and cumbersome, ridiculous rules with their plethora of every changing specific rules via codecise and army books. I'm done.

    So I join your rant with my rant. Dig your LotR stuff. I'll post some of mine on my blog soon.