Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RPG group size ramble

I've been running a Castles and Crusades game set in the Forgotten realms for awhile now, but am gettting a bit burned out on the system (and maybe the setting. Part of the problem is probably that I run the game for a group of 8 players.

8 is too many, 4 to 6 is about right. Just recently with Husker football and other issues, not everyone has showed up. Those gaming sessions have been the most fun for all involved.

I like all the players, and they all like each other. So, there is no practical way to cut down on the numbers. Kind of a dilemma.

I'm thinking I may put the game on hiatus (which I've done before), and start up my quasi-historical crusader states campaign. I've run adventures in it at conventions which were fun.

What to do? Put my current game on hiatus, and then invite some of the group into my new game? Will that cause strife among my gaming buddies?