Friday, April 15, 2011


Well,the Iron Duke and I battled it out last night in the Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game.

We had played the LotR game a long while ago, but I decided I wanted to try it again the Duke was game.

I had a force of mixed Warriors of Minas Tirith (bows, spears, and sword and shield) along with Radagast, an unnamed Captain of Minas Tirith and a Warrior of Minas Tirith with a Standard.

The Duke had Saruman, Grima, some Uruk Hai with shields, and Uruk Hai Standard, and some berserkers.

We played the Take and Hold scenario out of the Legions of Middle Earth book.

I got trounced. There was point where I could have one the scenario if the dice roll to end the game had gone off, but it would have been on a technicality.

Not sure what my overall problem was, besides cold dice on my part.

Some things I noticed.

My archers seemed pretty worthless. They hit on a 4+, but with a Str of 2 they wound Defense 5/6 uruks on a roll of a 6. So they have around a 7% chance of wounding or less. I had 6 archers and never wounded during the entire battle.

I need something with more punch. Radagast doesn't seem to be worth the points. Next time I think I'll take a mounted Faramir and some knights instead.

The Isengard berserkers are tough. The two attacks is a killer.

I'm sure we'll play again, and I'll try and remember to take some pictures.

Friday, April 8, 2011

LoTR stuff

Me and the Iron Duke are going to do some Lord of The Rings SBG gaming. I've been buying the figs for it off and on since GW started producing them. I have bunch, but not much painted yet.

Here are some that I do have finished. Trying to keep them simple.

Warriors of Minas Tirith Radagast the Brown and Eowen

Stormin' Normans

Here are pics of the Normans I've been working on. They will do double duty as both Normans and Frankish Crusaders from the First Crusade. They are primarily from Crusader Minis, but there are some Perry Miniatures first Crusade guys.

I also have painted up 2 of the Conquest Games plastic Norman knights, 10 more to in the box to finish. I really like them and they paint up easy. I got those from Architects of War, they also carry the Gripping Beast stuff. So I'll probably get some other stuff from them soon.

The pics are not the greatest. I need to work on my photo skills.

Perry 1st Crusade Foot knights and some Monks/pilgrims Crusader Minis Norman Crossbows A mix of Perry and Crusader Minis
Crusader Minis Norman Spearmen in Gambesons

Crusader Minis Norman Spearmen in Chainmail

Crusader Mini Mounted Normans
Crusader Mini Mounted Normans

Conquest Games Plastic Norman Knights