Friday, April 15, 2011


Well,the Iron Duke and I battled it out last night in the Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game.

We had played the LotR game a long while ago, but I decided I wanted to try it again the Duke was game.

I had a force of mixed Warriors of Minas Tirith (bows, spears, and sword and shield) along with Radagast, an unnamed Captain of Minas Tirith and a Warrior of Minas Tirith with a Standard.

The Duke had Saruman, Grima, some Uruk Hai with shields, and Uruk Hai Standard, and some berserkers.

We played the Take and Hold scenario out of the Legions of Middle Earth book.

I got trounced. There was point where I could have one the scenario if the dice roll to end the game had gone off, but it would have been on a technicality.

Not sure what my overall problem was, besides cold dice on my part.

Some things I noticed.

My archers seemed pretty worthless. They hit on a 4+, but with a Str of 2 they wound Defense 5/6 uruks on a roll of a 6. So they have around a 7% chance of wounding or less. I had 6 archers and never wounded during the entire battle.

I need something with more punch. Radagast doesn't seem to be worth the points. Next time I think I'll take a mounted Faramir and some knights instead.

The Isengard berserkers are tough. The two attacks is a killer.

I'm sure we'll play again, and I'll try and remember to take some pictures.


  1. The Uruk Hai are pretty hard nut to crack and the Beserkers even more so. You need to gang up on them 2 to 1.

    Archery is pretty limited in SBG (unless you have Legolas). If you have aenough archers Volley Fire is probably the best tactic to use against heavily armoured troops

  2. Thanks for the advice. I did do some ganging up early, but with poor rolls I still lost.

    I'll have to read the volley fire rules.

  3. Kingsleypark is right: in general, unless you're running with Elves (maybe Grey Company), you won't want to bank on your archery, especially against heavy Uruk-Hai. The 2-1 strategy will help.

    Knights could be more effective, since they will knock over all the units they fought if they win the fight. When a unit is knocked down, he is counted as trapped, so you double your wound dice. You will also get a +1 to your wounding if your knights have a lance, so that will help, too. The trick will be making sure that pike support doesn't tear your knights apart.

    I'd be interested in seeing the next installment! Fight hard!