Friday, May 27, 2011


I've done some painting recently. As always, excuse the terrible pictures (and mediocre painting).
First up are some Harad guys for Lord of the Rings

I also got a pack of Perry Armies of Islam guys. One of them I painted up to use as a leader for my Harad foot. Here's a picture of him next to one of the plastic Harad guys.

I have some metal mounted Harad Raiders coming.


  1. That Perry figure goes very well with the Haradrim. I must go and have a look at their website!

  2. Nice tidy job, and good hero. I like the general look of the Haradrim figs but it irks me a little there's not enough regular sword and shield guys with them, just spear or bow... I'll have to have a look at the Perry islams...

  3. The Perry figure looks great as a Haradrim captain, great colour scheme too.
    Following your blog, look forward to more.


  4. Splendid! The pose and the colors are really great!